Holiday Gift #3 The Clarisonic Uplift is a perfect gift for any skincare enthusiast who appreciates technology and is on the GoGoGo!  Buy Now:

  • The vibrating applicator–27,000 micro-massages per minute–stimulates collagen regeneration and strengthens the skin. 
  • It has been proven to also aid in the penetration of any creams, oils, and serums have been proven to penetrate deeper into the skin, too.  
  • Each treatment takes just three minutes a day in 30-second intervals per area on your face and neck (it beeps when it’s time to move to the next area). 

Who would kiss you without a mistle toe over getting this gift? Anyone who would wants a results oriented at home spa treatment without leaving the house. Clarisonic recently introduced a brand new device, the Smart Profile Uplift, a high performing face massager designed to improve approximately 15 signs of aging while also offering you the sonic cleansing Clarisonic has built it’s reputation on.   

Clarisonic Uplift Holiday Collection – $290 ($100 holiday savings) 

What It Is: Beyond feeling great on the skin and being easy to maneuever, the Uplift has vibrational technology propagating itself into the skin. The Clarisonic Uplift provides a very light massage on the top [of the skin] and very intense deep in the tissue. Applying mechanical stimulation when you apply the cream you use increases the penetration of your products. Dr. Stolley recommends combining the Uplift with a SkinCeuticals product like Resveratrol BE or Triple Lipid Defense.  

Benefits: Research also discovered that skin prefers a certain vibration frequency–and at the rate the Clarisonic Uplift uses, it can enhance your skin’s proteins significant which are significant to anti-aging. 

HOW TO USE:  Watch the Clarisonic Uplift in action. Click here to watch the video! 

P.S. Santa Claus is coming to town….Check your list. Is the Clarisonic Uplift written down?