Tis the season for Holiday festivities, gathers, and shopping. Here at MediSpa Maui, we want to do our part to help you look and feel your best and what better way than to have a holiday party with some amazing specials! We have picked these specials for a reason- they work amazingly well to help you look and feel your best.  We have been able to work closely with our top vendors to provide you with some fantastic value-added savings. Complimentary syringes of our most popular fillers, ultra-low prices on Botox and Dysport, amazing discounts on our award-winning Lights & Lasers, the incredible Ultherapy & more! Being the top provider in Hawaii for many of these treatments has its advantages and one of them is using our status to obtain great savings for YOU, our valued patients.

Our amazing team is stepping up to provide you with exceptional services and savings in Lights & Lasers. Our new PicoBright Series in which you get a free PicoSure treatment with each IPL, the ThermiSmooth Series Special in which you get a free neck treatment with each face treatment, or the Black Diamond Lift & Glow Hydrafacial- the ultimate in anti-aging.

So let’s break down these specials so you don’t miss out on any of them.  For those of you who just want the details, directly below are all the specials and savings. Following that, our team has put together our thoughts on why these treatments made our very special, Holiday Soirée Specials list!

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Now, to explain why you can not and should not let these specials pass you by!

Hands Special:

As we all know, when we age, the backs of our hands can begin to appear creepy, discolored and bony. Fortunately, Restylane was recently FDA approved for the rejuvenation of the back of the hands!  We have created a special package to help your hands look their best. As it typically takes 3 syringes of Restylane to get a great result, we have included those 3 syringes in addition to a complimentary IPL, as discoloration is often also an issue. The entire treatment only is for a limited time priced at $1500-That’s a savings of $700!

Liquid Lift Special:

Next, we have our Liquid Lift Special. The Liquid lift has been one of the most popular injectable treatments that we provide and with 3 injectable experts at MediSpa Maui, we have likely done more than any other office in the state of Hawaii. Having said that, we want to share our expertise &  have created a special opportunity for all of you want to try it or those of you who know it’s time for a bit more LIFT and REJUVENATION. The Liquid Lift Special is simple- buy any 3 syringes of your favorite (or recommended) fillers and get one FREE of equal or lesser value. For example, if you want the longest lasting HA filler available, you can buy 3 syringes of Voluma and get one FREE- a savings of $1000!  Want to use your free syringe to plump up your lips with Refyne, Vollure or Juvederm? You do that too! This Special is limited to our supply of free syringes- so don’t wait! There’s no purchase limit on them either, so stock up while you can!

Botox/Dysport Special:

What’s better than smooth skin for the holidays?  Besides time with loved ones….not much! That’s why we have created the Botox / Dysport Special! With up to $400 total savings, it’s time to stock up on this year’s Botox and Dysport & say “GoodBye” to that frown line, forehead lines, squint lines, lip lines, chin wrinkles and more! The price for a vial is $1100, Wow! You’ll end up buying it in the year anyway, so lock in your savings now!

Vitamin Injections:  

What’s the point in looking great if you don’t feel great? That’s where Dr. Teri Jackson, ND and her vitamin injections come into the equation. In addition to all that she does with balancing hormones, improving gut health, improving the immune system, Dr. Jackson is an authority on the use of supplements to help improve health. Dr. Jackson has been able to help some of our very employees get off blood pressure medication and naturally improve their cholesterol. If you ever wonder why our team is always so happy and looking great, Dr. Jackson is one of our secrets & we want to share her with you! Vitamin Injections are Buy 4, get 1 free which is a savings of $60-$65- see what a difference it can make in your health & wellness routine.

PicoBright Rejuvenation Combo Series Special:

At MediSpa Maui, we not only have the most experienced and talented team in Aesthetic Medicine in Hawaii, but we also have the most state-of-the-art technologies available. Having both PicoSure and IPL, we can offer combination treatments with incredible results, available no where else on Maui. Case in point, the PicoBright Rejuvenation Combo Series. This treatment was created by Dr. Stolley to maximize the benefits of both the IPL(photofacial) and the PicoSure Focus treatment. This combination treats pigmentation, blood vessels and facial redness and has an amazing effect on skin texture. Over the past year, we have performed many and the results are remarkable. If you have done IPLs in the past, it’s time to step up to the PicoBright. A treatment so advanced that Dr. Stolley not only invented it, he had to create the name as well!  Price for the face is $1500 (savings $1500). Face, Neck, and Decolletage is $2250 (saving $2250)- an amazing step in advancing your skin health.

Laser Hair Removal:

Everyone’s favorite! Wouldn’t it be great to not have to shave your underarms, legs or bikini area & have smooth skin all year round? Well with these prices, you won’t have to wonder! We have the new Lumenis Lightsheer Desire, allowing us to treat light and dark skin types safely and effectively. The combination of great savings and the best technology available is a win-win, so gift yourself & a loved one the gift of smooth, hairless skin! Individual treatments are 30% off & packages are 45% off- with prices that low and no limit to purchase amount, this is one special you don’t want to miss!


Ultherapy is the only FDA approved device approved for the non-surgical lifting of the skin on the face and neck.  As we have the only device on Maui and (yes again) an extremely skilled team of providers, we have performed several hundred of these through the years with wonderful results.  Newer techniques and added layers of treatment have allowed us to get even better results & we can now get effectively treat the body as well We have kept the special simple for this one, when you treat the lower face and neck, we are giving you the upper face, complimentary, a $1500 savings.  So, you want to treat those creepy knees or tighten the skin on your backside? 20% off Ultherapy Body treatments, too!


Well, smoother and tighter skin are qualities desired on the face, they are also appreciated in the feminine area as well. For several years, our female team has been providing the ThermiVa to many women and the feedback and results have been amazing. The benefits include an improved appearance of the labia minora and tightening of the vaginal vault. Some women have reported improved symptoms from mild to moderate stress incontinence and even improvement in orgasms! Yes, please! Unlike other devices, this is all done without any downtime.  The device uses radio frequency to create immediate tightening and also improve blood flow to the area. As many women have already had this treatment performed at MediSpa Maui, we have created a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE special.. For those new to this, we recommend an initial series of 3 treatments and a maintenance treatment at 6 months, so buy two & lock in 4 treatments at this amazing price! Price $1500 (Savings $1500). Regular maintenance treatments are $1000, so you are saving either way!

Aesthetician Specials:

Skin health is the cornerstone of anti-aging medicine and our amazing aestheticians are the very best. The combination of a Hydrafacial and the ThermiSmooth RF has been greatly appreciated by many of our patients to create a healthy glow, smooth and tighten skin and significantly improve the skin’s texture. This treatment has absolutely no downtime and is often likened to a warm stone massage.  But to see the long-term benefits of this treatment, we recommend to do a minimum of 6 or to consider doing it monthly on an ongoing basis. This is facial maintenance at its finest and with the team and tech available. This treatment regularly costs $550, but for our holiday savers, we are giving you the Black Diamond Lift & Glow for just $225- Yes, that is not a typo- a $325 savings!. Our advice? Stock up for the year!

Luxurious and Result-Orientated are two phrases that can be used to describe our facials at MediSpa Maui. If you haven’t had one, now is your time to take your skin seriously & try it!  Our Holiday Special allows you to receive this treatment of 15% off with a complimentary add-on!

Product Promotion:

What is an amazing treatment without good homecare?  Answer: Limited! To have amazing skin, you have to do your homework and that is why we have teamed up with SkinCeuticals. As an Advanced Clinical Flagship Site for SkinCeuticals, we allow you to have the very best in skincare and to have it perfectly paired with our services. What you put on your skin is important & makeup is no exception. Jane Iredale is the very best in mineral makeup with no harsh additives & helps protect & improve your skin! So for this Holiday Soiree, enjoy 15% off of SkinCeuticals and Jane Iredale products and receive a complimentary Travel Size SkinCeuticals product when you spend $300 or more in SC products &  receive a free Jane Iredale makeup brush when you buy 2 or more Jane products!

Don’t forget our Refer a Friend Program!

Refer a friend and you will get $50 credit toward a treatment when they come in! Your friends can get 10% off their first treatment too (or our current specials-  whichever savings is greater!)