Lip fillers are a hot topic in the world of Aesthetic Medicine. Everyone wants their lips to look “better”, but what does that mean? Well, it means different things to different people. For some patients, it means to restore their lips to what they used to look like, fewer wrinkles and subtly more volume. For others, it means full and luscious lips without any question. The importance for a patient is feeling confident that your injector will listen to you, understand what you are requesting AND have the skill to provide you with what you are looking for. These concepts actually encompass a multitude of skill sets for which the injectors at Medispa Maui have mastered and constantly hone their skills through advanced training and education. One aspect of this is the question, “What filler is best for the lip?” Well, of course, this is a trick question. There is no one best filler. Based on the desired results, a multitude of fillers can be used.

Traditionally, Restylane has been used for a plump fullness and Juvederm for creating longer-lasting lip structure and volume. As newer fillers have evolved so has their use in the lips. Restylane Refyne is used for its improved elasticity and ultra-natural look and feel. Two newer fillers from Allergan have filled unique niches in the arena of lip injections. Volbella is a perfect filler for the patient who wants a subtle and enhancement of the lips and a very nice hydration effect. This has the result of lifting out fine lines and wrinkles without adding much volume. It also has a 1 year FDA indication in the lips. This means that a significant number of patients (but not all) saw an improvement after a series of treatments. This usually includes an initial treatment and a followup treatment at 1 month. This is the standard protocol for any filler study.

Vollure is another option. It offers a more robust filler and although not officially studies in the lips, in other facial lines and folds, it as an 18-month indication. This product is perfect for creating long-lasting lip shape and volumization.

To celebrate the advances in lip aesthetics, the team at medispa Maui has put together a lip special for those who want to benefit from the special qualities of Volbella and Vollure. For the month of August, we are offering these cutting edge fillers (tier two fillers) for the price of tier-one fillers. That is a saving of $150.

Feel free to take advantage of
These saving to try a new filler or to try fillers for the very first time. We feel confident with all the options, our injection specialist will know which product is best for you.


Brian Stolley, MD