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Patient Testimonial

I have been going to medispa for over four years now. The staff is very professional and great customer service. It has made a big difference in my life. I have had broken capillaries and redness on my face from many years of intense sun exposure and I have had five l IPL – Photo-facial treatment. That has really helped to minimize and control my condition. For me it is just not about cosmetic service but a real serious issue with my even skin tone. I look and feel much better now and I am very grateful For their excellent expertise. This has given me a lot more confidence and I look radiant and younger. My last treatment was with a women named Gerusa who really listened to my concerns and took her time to go over everything with me and get the best possible results. She also followed through after my treatment to call me and to make sure I was all right and there were no complications. I am really into fashion and travel abroad often. My looks mean a lot to me and I feel great that my skin has improved.

By Randy F.
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Candidacy for Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation – also known as intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment – is a popular procedure prized for all of the following benefits:

  • Lighten and remove skin blemishes, including sun spots, age spots, and brown blotches all across the body
  • Control and reduce flushing
  • Improve skin texture through collagen stimulation, forcing the skin to produce more elastin and collagen that smoothes out wrinkles and improves skin smoothness
  • Reduce redness on the face, neck, and chest, including rosacea, dilated blood vessels, and broken blood vessel problems

Some people have lived with a certain unwanted skin blemish their entire lives. Others have noticed more and more sun damage (pigmented lesions) appear on their skin as they mature. Regardless, the aesthetic providers of MediSpa Maui can help.

Photorejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light

The technology utilizes specific wavelength ranges to target various chromophores in the skin. This enables effective treatment of a broad spectrum of conditions, including vascular and pigmented lesions and skin photoaging treatments. intense light is applied in a series of pulses over the treatment area. The light energy safely targets the pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots, and age spots. Vascular lesions are also targeted and gradually lightened over a series of treatments. The brown spots will darken and come to the surface before sloughing off over the next one to two weeks.

What are pigmented lesions?

Pigmented lesions are hypermelanocytic areas typically induced by sun exposure, the natural aging process, or congenital factors. Pigmented lesions vary widely in size, shape, and depth. They can be either raised or flat and are usually a cosmetic rather than a medical concern. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which targets melanin is effective in treating benign lesions and clearing them.

Photorejuvenation Maui

How does Photorejuvenation work?

Broad spectrum pulsed light is transmitted through a continuously cooled applicator, gently placed over the skin. Cut-off filters in the handpiece change the range of wavelengths, optimizing it for different applications and skin types. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the relevant chromophores and damages them (blood chromophores when treating vascular lesions and melanin chromophores when treating pigmented lesions).  The body’s natural processes then clear the lesion debris, giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

What improvement will I see?

Patients will see a significant reduction of brown and red areas of pigmentation in the skin as well as a reduction in small red blood vessels after a series of 3-5 treatments. Improvement in the tone and texture of skin along with a decreased appearance in pore size may also be experienced. The skin will look refreshed and rejuvenated.

How many treatments will I need?

For optimal results, a series of 3-5 treatments are recommended with 3-4 weeks in between each treatment. After a series is completed, a maintenance treatment is recommended 1-2 times per year or as directed by our office.


Photos Courtesy of Brian Stolley, MD ~ Individual results may vary.

  • IPL - Photofacial Before & After Maui & Hawaii
  • IPL - Photofacial Before & After Maui & Hawaii
  • IPL - Photofacial Before & After Maui & Hawaii

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Dr. Stolley is an aesthetic dermatologist located near Maui, Hawaii who is very skilled and has a vast amount of experience with the botox procedure. Contact Dr. Stolley to see how he can help you achieve your desired appearance.

How Much Does Photorejuvenation Cost?

The cost for IPL – Photofacial will depend on several factors. The number of sessions will influence the final price, as will the severity of the cosmetic issues being addressed.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule your consultation for IPL – Photofacial in Maui– contact Dr. Stolley and set up your appointment. During your appointment, you will be able to ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have about the procedure. Contact us today to get the look you’ve always wanted!

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