Jeuveau is the latest neuromodulator to be FDA approved to treat facial wrinkles. Jeuveau has been taunted as the next BOTOX. At MediSpa Maui, our team has been one of the first in Hawaii to use the product as we were selected to be part of the Evolus JET Program.  After injected many patients, we have seen that Jeuveau is behaving much like BOTOX. This makes sense because both Jeuveau and BOTOX are extremely similar medications. They have the same amount of associated proteins and are therefore the same weight. This effects how the medication behaves after injection, how it gets absorbed, how it distributes, etc. And as they are both very similar, it is reasonable to expect them to act similarly. Indeed, this is what we are seeing. As BOTOX is such a popular treatment   Now, every treatment (even with the same product) is different, so you may notice some subtle differences between the two products.  

To celebrate the release of this new neuromodulator, the makers, Evolus, have released a limited number of $75 OFF coupons. We are delighted to offer these to our patients who want to try this new and exciting product.

Say goodbye to those facial wrinkles.