Reconditioning Facial: $175 ($50 holiday savings) Stop by MediSpa Maui for a beautifully wrapped version of this Gift Experience or Book Now and treat yourself….We know you deserve it!

It’s the Holiday season. It’s our most favorite time of the year here at MediSpa Maui. A time when we are bustling and busy with shopping, baking, entertaining, and parties. Giving is the reason for the season, right? Oh, dear!

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to check everything off on our lists. You know what that means right? While you’re giving all your precious time and energy to those you love the most, you can begin feeling a little less of the holiday sparkle and begin looking, well, not so HoHoHo after all. Definitely not the ‘glamorous holiday look’ we are aiming for. That’s where MediSpa Maui can help you put the pep back in your holiday skincare steps. Allow MediSpa Maui to prepare your skin for Holiday season. For the next 12 days, we are going to help you understand how even one treatment during the holidays can do your skin wonders! And…..of course these are gifts that you can give to yourself or your loved ones.

MediSpa Gift 1.) Reconditioning Facial

Have you ever had a clinical facial or any type of medical aesthetic treatment before? Have you heard that saying, ‘Seeing is believing’? Well, that’s not just what we say about Santa! MediSpa Maui has a treatment called Derma-Planing with a customized regenerating facial treatment. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your skin. Instantly. The skincare professionals at MediSpa Maui see it and are happy to help you receive it!

Derma-Planing is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells, unwanted superfluous facial hair, while brightening and improving the skin’s texture. This specific method of Derma-Planing (an advanced medical procedure) is only offered in Maui exclusively at MediSpa Maui.

For anyone who hasn’t had a facial treatment before, rest assured the service you receive here at MediSpa Maui is of the highest standard. Our aestheticians take their time with you, thoroughly go over every step of the process and answer your questions and concerns. You are made to feel comfortable, cared for and relaxed during the entire procedure.

Each treatment we perform is customized specifically to each of your needs. So, you can feel confident that you are receiving exactly what will benefit your skin the most.

Regeneration treatment takes 90 minutes and consists of:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Skin Analysis
  3. Exfoliation – Derma-Planing
  4. Peel (if needed) – You’ll sparkle!
  5. Extractions (if required)
  6. Serum Application – You’ll shine!
  7. Mask
  8. Neck & Shoulder Massage (HoHoHo-all the way… LOVE)
  9. SPF Application
  10. Mineral Make Up Application

This treatment is the ultimate choice for an immediate skin boost, to get that glow on during the holiday season or for a pre-event outing any time of the year with no down time. There is no lasting redness or healing time required.

If you were thinking of getting your skin re-energized and glowing for a special event, it would be recommended to do it at least the day before.

After your treatment, you will receive a complimentary foundation application. Jane Iredale Minerals make up is a natural mineral foundation that gives you an instant soft, even, and best of all, natural looking coverage. You’ll leave feeling and looking your healthiest and happiest this holiday season!

Reconditioning Facial: $175 ($50 holiday savings)