I have been going to medispa for over four years now. The staff is very professional and great customer service. It has made a big difference in my life. I have had broken capillaries and redness on my face from many years of intense sun exposure and I have had five l IPL – Photo-facial treatment. That has really helped to minimize and control my condition. For me it is just not about cosmetic service but a real serious issue with my even skin tone. I look and feel much better now and I am very grateful For their excellent expertise. This has given me a lot more confidence and I look radiant and younger. My last treatment was with a women named Gerusa who really listened to my concerns and took her time to go over everything with me and get the best possible results. She also followed through after my treatment to call me and to make sure I was all right and there were no complications. I am really into fashion and travel abroad often. My looks mean a lot to me and I feel great that my skin has improved.