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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are most commonly comprised of an individual or blend of natural acids, each with its own unique benefits for the skin. Commonly used acids include glycolic, salicylic, TCA, lactic and retinoic acid. The peel solution is applied topically to the skin by a skincare professional to “peel” away the top layers of the epidermis in order to improve specific conditions as well as the overall health and radiance of the skin.

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DermaSweep is a particle free exfoliation treatment similar to microdermabrasion, which gently lifts the skin surface as the device “sweeps away” dead skin cells and cleans the pores. In addition, the DermaSweep incorporates an Epi-Infusion system that delivers a solution customized for your individual skin needs. Pairing the two infuses the nutrients deeper into your skin to enhance their therapeutic benefits.

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Facials play a crucial role in the overall health and appearance of your skin. Aside from the obvious benefits of your skin looking and feeling amazing, facials are responsible for a great deal of prevention.

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The Diamond Tome treatment is a skin resurfacing system that removes the topmost skin layer using natural diamond chips. It leaves the skin smooth and refined while stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. This is recommended as a series for best results.

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Lash and Brow tinting is a great option for women with busy or active lifestyles, traveling or for those just wanting to enhance their natural beauty. Our licensed Aestheticians offer lash and brow tinting in shades from light to dark. The treatment is quick and can really bring out the color of your eyes and compliment your complexion.

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